Discover the doctor-designed, foolproof plan to boost brain power—instantly!—and grow smarter as you age.

Eric R. Braverman, MD, is one of the most cutting-edge researchers in the field of brain chemistry and has dedicated 30 years of his life to research and clinical practice. The result of his efforts is found in the breakthrough plan Younger Brain, Sharper Mind — the most comprehensive, practical guide to boosting your brainpower ever developed!

Younger Brain, Sharper Mind helps you grow smarter...sharper...clearer...more focused...and happier with every passing day! This six-step breakthrough program helps you boost the health and functioning of your brain so you can:

   Prevent and even reverse age-related mental decline for up to 15        years

   Stay focused and attentive

   Boost your mood and focus on the positive aspects of your life

   Increase your IQ as you age

   Concentrate fully on making good decisions

   Lose weight and look and feel great as you boost your       physical and mental health

With the Younger Brain, Sharper Mind program, you'll discover how to train your brain to create new, healthy brain cells to continuously repair and regenerate your brain.

You can actually reverse or delay mental decline by up to 15 years, essentially turning back the clock to make your brain as young as a 30-year-old's!

You'll see the difference with greater clarity, focus, memory, and sharpness in all areas of your life. You'll live life with a more positive attitude, confident in your ability to make good decisions and maintain focus to see the job through. Start your 21-Day FREE PREVIEW now to discover how to:

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Increase your intelligence and improve your thinking! Discover how to actually create new brain cells to boost your imagination and open new pathways in your mind! PAGE 84

Exercise your brain! These brain exercises can enhance your memory, sharpen your attention, and even boost your IQ! PAGE 175

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Protect your brain from potential damage from your cell phone! (Important: The danger goes up when your phone's signal is weak!) See PAGE 123.

Boost your brain chemistry by improving the quality of your sleep! If you're not sleeping well, see PAGE 37 immediately for important expert advice.

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Brain-Boosting Tips from an Expert in the Field!

America's Brain Doctor, Eric R. Braverman, MD, brings you the latest science in a breakthrough plan to turbocharge your brain-power — Younger Brain, Sharper Mind.

Eric R. Braverman, MD, is a professor of integrative medicine in neurological surgery at Weill Cornell Medical College and the director of the PATH Medical Center and PATH foundation.

In this cutting-edge program, Younger Brain, Sharper Mind, you'll discover easy, practical ways to boost your brain's health, how to reduce your stress ... protect your brain from common household threats ... improve the quality of your sleep ... exercise your brain with ingenious games ... measure your progress with checklists and quizzes ... and much more!

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Lose weight and increase your brain's speed... with yogurt!

      Just a single 8-ounce cup of yogurt every day offers a high dose of a protein and healthy fat, which increases your brain speed. Plus studies show you can lose 61% more body fat! See page 148 for details.

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Younger Brain, Sharper Mind - get 2 FREE GIFTS! Patient Success Story from Dr. Braverman: She Got Smarter and Thinner - at the Same Time!
Patient Success Story from Dr. Braverman

"She Got Smarter and Thinner — at the Same Time!"

"Justine first came to see me 2 years ago, when she was 54. She told me in no uncertain terms that she was done feeling like an old woman. She always felt tired and cranky. She almost cried when she told me that years ago, she was 'top of her class and sharp as a tack,' but with each passing year, she was becoming increasingly confused and was beginning to be depressed.

Justine didn't realize that the excess weight she had gained over the past 10 years was just one sign of dopamine imbalance. Not only was her metabolism slower but her brainpower was waning, which is why she was having so much trouble at work and at home.

The first step to balancing Justine's brain was to make her look and feel younger. I started her on the Younger Brain, Sharper Mind program.

Four months later, Justine came back to my office 40 pounds lighter. She was proud to tell me that she was both feeling good and looking better. Her high level of energy had returned, and even her sex life had improved. She confided that her husband commented on how much calmer and nicer she had become. But best of all, her brain fog cleared up, and for the first time in years, she was able to stay focused all day long."

To discover how Justine is doing two years later, and read her entire story, see PAGE 170 of Younger Brain, Sharper Mind. Click here to start your 21-Day FREE PREVIEW!